El contenido literario de este blog está registrado en Safe Creative

El contenido literario de este blog está registrado en Safe Creative
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lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2008

Hope you like the experience

My name is Nino Ortea.
I run this blog, Ven y enloqueceCome and get crazy— where I tray and share my lust for life. I write on anything that comes to my mind —from personal experiences to the process of writing—
I am as old as you may think I am, so if for any reason some of my comments cause offence, that’s not my intention. Remember, my beloved reader, this is a blog, not an objective piece authoring, worthy of serious critique. So please try to avoid offensive rebuffs to my comments, or the ones given by any other fellow readers. Also remember that people of all ages have access to this space, so I may feel forced to delete big-mouth writing! Finally, if you agree or disagree with something that I‘ve written —and add a comment—, do return to see my response, I will always give one.
I usually post my own texts, but sometimes I publish friends’ writings.
Recently, I’ve persuaded Eddie Campbell to let my publish some of his posts —from his blog: The Fate of the Artist— translated to Spanish. I bet his simply irresistible wife, Anne, has something to do with this.
There are other names which soon will add to my guests’ list.

Hope you like the experience.
Thanks for coming.
Nino Ortea, Gijón, 14-XII-08

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