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El contenido literario de este blog está registrado en Safe Creative
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viernes, 3 de julio de 2009

Alec Omnibus (reprise)

I must make it clear: this text isn't going to be an impartial one; and, sincerely, I do believe that nobody can pretend being objective when he values something. Because, if when we value something we don’t show esteem towards it, that’s not valuing... but despising. And there’re far too many dreadful people in the world as to increase its number by becoming one of them. An advice, you can do what I do: don’t pay them any attention!
But well, I’m not here for digressing on affection or ill-wills; but to share with you good news, the second in less than 24 hours —I’m the cool one, and not that, Jack awkward Bauer—.
As you might know, my driven crazy beloveds, the graphical narrator Eddie Campbell has trounced his tendency to delay what’s remunerated in favour of what’s rewarding for him, and has grouped in a volume —Alec Omnibus: The Years Have Pants— its dreams, experiences and deceptions presented/displayed under his alter ego Alec Mac Garry.

This narration of a self-story in third person makes it possible for Eddie to drawn himself eternally immature. Although I am sure Eddie would never recognize his narcissism. Instead, he would speak of “a deep tribute to the work of Bill Finger with Batman: who always looked unpolluted and was constantly successful in his combat against Chronos”.
The book will be on sale this September, but it’s already available for solicitation. And you can also order your copy here. For the occasion, the publishing house Top Shelf has asked the graphical designer Eric Skillman to work the cover of the anthology out, both in paperback and hard cover edition.
Alec: The Years Have Pants includes in its 640 pages all the character’s well-known previous stories —The King Canute Crowd, Graffiti Kitchen, How To Be An Artist, Little Italy, The Dead Muse, The Dance Of Lifey Death, and After The Snooter—and a number of narrations which had been out of print for a long time. This omnibus incorporates 90 pages on the character drawn by Eddie after the publication of the last volume of his self-published anthology. 45 of them have never before been published and develop the story The Years Have Pants.
Excuse my manners, but my birthday is always in September —every year the same day, although nobody seems to remember it—. If you do not know what present you can buy for me, buy yourself Alec: The Years Have Pants, read it and send me your opinion to ninortea@hotmail.com. That will be the best gift you can give me.
And, this time it won’t matter if it happens in November or February. It’s always a good time for a good reading.
Wish you well.
©Nino Ortea, Gijón, 3-VII-09.

6 comentarios:

  1. Pedazo discurso Marce. Por algo eres mi profe favorito.

  2. Dear Nino,

    Don't worry about telling my Internet story or make mock of me, if I send it to you is because I'm going to be proud of being in a book written by such a good writer. Surely, it will be FUN. ;)

    I'll check the Kitchen.


  3. ¡Muy buenas, Panthom!
    Más o menos he contado lo que claman los tambores de la selva:
    El espiritu que camina es inmortal.

    Una pena que la cena de hoy se haya suspendido, vivimos tiempos mutables.
    Saludos al fiu, la gauaj y a la muyer del embozau.

  4. Je je, la verdad, Sara, es que en tal caso tu favoritismo es evidente.

  5. My dearest Susan:
    I'm really longing to read your telling of the story. Take for granted I won´t make mock of anyone but me, again.
    I´ll do my best in order to share my lust for life, and to laugh back at things that, in the past made me / us feel sad.

    Once you get into the Kitchen, you will enjoy its richness in flavours and spieces for everyday life.
    Eat it up, slowly. Taste each page as if it had been specially cooked for you.
    Enjoy your food for the soul.


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